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 Anghet’s Garden will be a collaboration with multiple organizations dedicated to making our island and our world a better place. The mission is to come together to educate our community about a few of the issues our island faces. Inside the garden will hold a collection of Guam’s botanical wonders. Native and medicinal plants will find their homes here as well. Pathways through the jungle will transport you to a time long before our own. In Anghet’s Garden visitors will connect with nature, learn the history of these plants, their qualities and how they were used here in Guam. The Learn CHamoru Project’s continued support will allow us to confidently integrate the CHamoru language into the garden. Troy, the founder of The Learn CHamoru Project, will ensure our signage is using the correct CHamoru words. Visitors will be exposed to easy to use phrases and words that will lead them to diving deeper into the rich culture of this lush tropical island. Anghet’s Garden will accept dogs that have been abused or neglected and that are not able to be adopted. A few friendly dogs will roam free throughout the sanctuary while a safe kennel area for dogs in quarantine or isolation would also be on premise as they recover and receive treatment. Our feline friends will also have a purr-ticular space just for them. Our sanctuary will be an inviting, peaceful space you can bring your family and friends to. Eventually we will host events that showcase traditional CHamoru activities. As well as other engaging classes such as yoga, basic animal obedience, foraging, and so much more! Anghet’s Garden will give everyone a chance to witness the amazing resources that our island has to offer. Funds raised will be used to purchase/lease land, legal fees and the materials to build the sanctuary. $150,000 is a starting point. It will take more, but together with HEART we can make Anghet’s Garden a reality!

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