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Sponsor a Boonie

Sponsor a Boonie

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Your sponsorship allows us to commit to helping more Boonies on Guam. Thank you! The average cost to completely vet a new dog is upwards of $400. Heartworm, numerous parasites and tick disease are common issues that the majority of our boonies here on Guam face. 

  • Where The Money Goes

     On a daily basis our team is asked to take dozens of animals. Most are in dire need of veterinary care. Your support allows us to get these innocent Boonie dogs the help they need. 

    We also provide temporary assistance for families going through finacial hardships through our Mobile Pet Pantry. 

    Vetting an adult dog from the streets ranges from $450 to the thousands of dollars. 

    Spaying a female dog, 95 to 340

    Neutering a male, 65 to 200

    Blood work, 40 to 190

    Vaccines 20-30 each

    Vet exam fee 50-70


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